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An Orange Lipstick Primer

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Orange lipstick has slowly risen in popularity over the past few years, partially influenced by J. Crew’s print ads, and I’d like to think it’s also because I keep pressuring my friends to try it. Though orange lipstick may seem intimidating at first, there’s a color for every skin tone. I get bored wearing reds and pinks all the time, so orange is a fun change. These are the lipsticks I’ve tried, in order of how easy they are to wear:

Chanel Rouge Coco in Rebelle

This combination lipstick/lip gloss formula is a great color for those who are shy about wearing orange lipstick. It is sheer and buildable. It’s flattering on any skin tone.




Givenchy Rouge Interdit Satin Lipstick in Fruity OrangeGivenchy Rouge Interdit Satin Lipstick in Fruity Orange

This particular shade was my first foray into orange lipstick. It is a lighter orange and looks great paired with a white outfit. For girls who are afraid of orange, Chanel’s Rebelle or Givenchy’s Fruity Orange are a very good starting point before you begin to experiment with darker colors.



Bite Beauty Luminous Crème lipstick in Cin CinBite Beauty Luminous Crème lipstick in Cin Cin

Cin Cin tastes great and features resveratrol, an anti-aging property derived from wine. It’s very creamy formula, which means it won’t stay on through meals. However, the color is so fantastic that I’ll put up with it! The lipstick has a good amount of slip and feels very moisturizing.



CHANEL ROUGE ALLURE IN COROMANDELChanel Rouge Allure in Coromandel

This is a loud orange red color that screams summer. I like pairing Coromandel with Nars Niagara, which is a light coral color. The pale color helps temper the intensity of Coromandel. I recommend using Niagara as a base and then dabbing on Coromandel until you achieve the color you desire. Chanel also sells a lip liner that matches Coromandel perfectly.




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