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Men’s Spring 2013 Trends

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Fashion weeks tend to highlight the ladies, but fashion-aware men deserve to know what’s on the horizon for them in the realm of trends. Spring 2013 Men’s Fashion Week provided plenty to ponder, and here are some highlights:


In the Springtime, the world wants to see your Mankles. In the space between your tailored trousers and dress shoes, show some skin for an unexpectedly urban look. Socks are making a charming comeback for the colder months, but as soon as the sun returns, throw them back into the drawer!

From left to right: Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2013, Giorgio Armani Spring 2013, Gucci Spring 2013

Jude Law launched the look into popularity just last summer, and here’s a hint: chicks dig Jude Law. Like, a lot.


Mankles look best framed over the top of dress shoes, boat shoes, suede shoes – not athletic shoes, for heavens sakes. Don’t go barefoot with your Nikes on!


Left: Giorgio Armani Spring 2013; Middle and right: Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2013

If you were never a fan of the skinny jean fad that has circulated for the last five years, you may be interested in these looser-fitting pleated pants. I know, I know. Pleated pants seem like an antiquated mistake of yesterdecade. But you know who wore pleated pants? Humphrey Bogart. And if you want to accuse Bogey of something, I am simply not interested.

Baggier clothes made a big impression starting in the twenties. First they were developed for ease of dancing so you could swing with the hottest flapper babes, but after the Great Depression hit and launched the thirties, fashion historians speculate that suits and pants became roomier to make men appear larger and therefore manlier than their actual stance, perhaps to help compensate for their financial difficulties. The thing to take away from the history of roomier formalwear is that it is quintessential manliness, and of course it’s the only thing you’re allowed to wear if you’re a private eye.

Left: Humphrey Bogart with Audrey Hepburn; Right: Carey Grant


All: Burberry Prorsum Spring 2013

Draw your eye away from the sandals-with-socks situation going on just above to ponder this for a second–why is your closet made up almost entirely of navy blue, gray, black, white, and perhaps–if you’re lucky–some green? Do you ever wake up and glimpse the bright blue sky and wish you could wear something to catch that sunlight? Burberry thinks you should wear some color this coming Spring, and though I may not recommend flashy robin’s egg blue pants, I would encourage you wholeheartedly to grab a yellow coat that looks like a seacaptain’s or a pale purple button up or anything that isn’t monotone and gray as the pavement. Taste the rainbow, or whatever. Just try it!

What do you think, guys?

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