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Edie Sedgwick Style Inspiration

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Meet Edie

Though she died at age 28, Edie Sedgwick did enough living for three average young people.

After two of her brothers passed away in 1963, Edie dropped out of college and moved to New York where she commenced to spend an ungodly amount of money (a rumored $80,000 in six months) on clothes, limousine services, jewelry, and cosmetics. She located the best parties and dived into the social scene, making a big impression with her black-rimmed eyes and chandelier earrings. Somewhere along her New York adventures, she met this man, dyed her hair platinum blonde, and cropped it off to mimic his ‘do.

She was extremely fond of jazz ballet and practiced it twice daily, often leaving her black leotard on between sessions. This look of a loose fitting or cropped top with a black leotard became not only a personal signature, but also a point of interest with Vogue.

Diana Vreeland took notice of the young woman (now 22) and presented her as a herald of the youth movement, which is a pretty serious title considering it was the sixties. After a couple spreads in fashion magazines, however, editors stopped calling; her associations with drug culture were well known, and her famous dreaminess was probably encouraged by her addiction to heroin, cocaine and speed. “Edie has lovely skin, but then,” Vreeland said, “every drug addict I’ve ever seen has wonderful skin.”

In 1965, Edie was named “The Girl of the Year” from her appearances in Andy Warhol’s films and fashion magazine spreads. It was also a beautiful time in Warhol’s Factory as individuals who were seminal to the decade’s artistic and musical innovations such as Mick Jagger, Lou Reed, Nico, and Robert Rauschenberg frequented the place.

Though her life quickly spiraled from glamorous to desperate, her heyday in the mid sixties continues to produce biographies, films, fashion, and even youth.

Edie Style

The style cues from Edie are numerous. First of all, those gorgeous kohl-rimmed eyes, for which there are several quality tutorials.

Next, her tousled effortless hairdo, which to me is as modern as it gets.

Oversized jewelry…




Not to mention those long leotard legs, something that American Apparel still popularizes today.


I hope you can find some New York inspiration from Edie, someone who I think (despite her addictions and disorders) is a beautiful muse for anyone excited about city life or the 1960s. She was the woman, after all, that inspired the Velvet Underground song, “Femme Fatale”.

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